Whanau Ora Support is provided by staff from our mobile team providing support to Tangata Whaiora and Whanau whose lives are affected by mental health and/or addictions.


    Our Whanau Ora Workers have the skills and experience to assist Whanau to navigate their way to:

    •  access services

    •  inform, enable and empower whanau

    •  access information to assist whanau with employment   or training

    •  gaining/regaining day to day relationships with whanau

    • develop new skills and capabilities needed to reach   their goals

    To access this service referrals can be made through the DHB.


    Trained support workers provide Kaupapa Maori Day Programme for Tangata Whaiora at our Oranga Tangata facility. All programmes are underpinned by Te Reo me ona Tikanga as the foundation.


    The programmes are designed and shaped from feedback received from Tangata Whaiora which provide a structured framework that allows Tangata Whaiora to learn skills, participate in healthy activity, social engagement and support groups that will assist them to live well and independently in the community. The programme also offers opportunities to participate in community activities.

    Please call 0800428458 to register or fill out our referral form on our home page



    Kaimahi Kura(SWiS) work towards enhancing the lives of tamariki and working to reduce the social barriers to educational outcomes.

    Kaimahi Kura have three main roles :

    • One to one work with tamariki and the whanau

    • Provide group programs which help tamariki and whanau succeed

    • Help whanau to access community support and networks

    This service is for all tamariki and whanau in the community.

    We focus on working with you to address any issues at an early stage and build on your whanau strengths.

    Please contact your school or guidance counsellor to access this service


    Kaimahi Rangatahi(Youth Mentors) re-engage tamariki with their school and learning by improving their confidence, school attendance, achievement and overall well-being. 

    Kaimahi Rangatahi main goals are to help support:

    • develop positive attitudes

    • increase their problem solving abilities

    • to raise academic performance

    • provide mentors to work with year 9 & 10 tamariki, who are at risk or have disengaged from school and/or learning.

    Please contact your school or guidance counsellor to access this service


    Kaimahi Ora work with 18 - 24 year olds, with a focus on social connectedness. This is a six week course that teaches fundamentals in self discovery and awareness of our surroundings.

    Facilitators engage with those attending to help create self development plans and work towards presenting using some of the latest tools in the digital space.

    As a result of the COVID-19 virus, all Ngati Kahu Social and Health Services will be working remote. This course will be run in a virtual environment. Facilitators will contact those enrolled on a regular basis to complete and work through the modules associated with this kaupapa.

    This service is currently for those on a Job Seeker benefit. Please make contact with your local MSD office.


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