Marihi Langford

Chief Executive

Ko Kurahaupo te Waka

Ko Pohurihanga te Tangata Rangatira

Ko Maunga Piko me Kohuroanaki nga Maunga

Ko Waitiki me Waihuahua nga Awa

Ko Parengarenga te Waahapu

Ko Te Hapua te Paa Kainga

Ko Te Reo Mihi te Marae

Ko Te Reo Powhiri te Temepara

Ko Mareitu te Urupa

Ko Ngati Kuri te Iwi


Tena koutou katoa


As chief executive I provide leadership to a dynamic team who provide services to vulnerable at-risk whanau in our community to support them with their wellbeing and to become more independent in our community.

I have worked in the social and health services sector for more than 25 years in particular the areas of mental health, addictions, social services, youth development, kaupapa Maori, and overall Maori empowerment.  

I returned home in 2011 and took on this role with Ngati Kahu. I am passionate about supporting whanau to be the best that they can be .  I love the challenges of working in a vibrant and innovative organisation, that has a great team that serve our community of te hiku o te ika. 

In my spare time I love to go fishing, spending time on the water and being with my whanau!

Rewa Sullivan

PA to the CEO

Ko Rewa Sullivan toku ingoa

Ko Pirongia te maunga

Ko Waipa te awa

Ko Tainui te waka

Ko Purekireki te marae.  

I was born in Auckland and raised in Mt Roskill then Mangere. I moved up to the far north, with my partner, over 10 years ago and we live in Kareponia. I have a background in admin and my role is the Personal Assistant to Marihi, our Chief Executive. I also look after reception and am usually the person who answers phone calls and welcomes visitors coming in to our office. I enjoy my role as it is busy and varied. I feel proud daily when I see the amazing work our team of kaimahi ora do within our community.

In my spare time I enjoy cooking and spending time with whanau.

Elsa Whitley

Community Social Worker Lead

Ko Panguru te Maunga

Ko te Wai o Mihi Rau te Awa

Ko Ngatokimatawhaorua te Waka

Ko Ngati Manawa te Marae

Ko Ngati Manawa te Hapu

Ko Hokianga te Moana

Ko Te Rarawa te Iwi


My name is Elsa and I was born in the mid 60’s and raised in Auckland. I am one of nine sisters. I am a descendant of Te Rarawa and Ngati India. I am of a blended culture, and wonderful exotic foods. Having lived in a Suburban area where playing on the street with the neighbours children was harmless and innocent and just good ole fun. I had chores daily before I went out to play then being called in for dinner which we sat around a table to eat our meal, and golly no one was allowed to waste anything. This was how I was brought up. Our family had one TV which we sat around and watched together. There were no electronic devices such as computer’s, mobile phones, and game consoles.

As you may have figured out already my age, I have raised my children socialising with neighbours, playing games, having fun and being involved in community events. My children are all adults now and they have been my best teacher’s or perhaps I was a good student.

When my children left their nest I decided to take all the skills that I have learnt through my time as a  mother, friend, carer, listener, nurturer, financial advisor, nurse, taxi driver, cook the list goes on… to become a Social Worker and support whanau in the community. Currently I am working for Ngati Kahu Social & Health Services and have been for the past three years. It is not easy mahi, engari I love the mahi that I do and working with an amazing team.

Karen Brown

Whanau Ora Team Lead

Kia ora my name is Karen Brown. I have lived in West Auckland all my life and 6 months ago made the decision to move up to Kaitaia after talking about it for many years with my partner.  My partner joined me in the far north 3 weeks ago.  My father’s from Waimanoni so as a child we would spend xmas and school holidays up here, enjoying the beaches and outdoors. We have left in Auckland 4 adult tamariki and 7 mokopuna. I have been a registered mental health nurse for 15 years with experiences ranging from DHB Maori mental health, CADS detox team and a kaupapa Maori NGO. The decision to move up here was a strong desire to leave the “rat race” and have a better lifestyle as we head towards our golden oldie years, we both enjoy fishing and the outdoors. I am humbled to have the opportunity to work for Ngati Kahu and support our whanau in the community.

Rob Brown

Cultural Lead

Cory James

Rangatahi Youth Lead

I was raised on my Marae with my grandparents who were actively involved in the revitalisation of Maoritanga through movements such as Te Kohanga Reo, Kura Kaupapa, and politics. From this, I have a clear understanding and grounding in Te Ao Maori.

I have 15 years’ experience working in the health sector, majority of which was in the clinical treatment space specialising in Maori health. Ive also worked in Trauma counselling with young people who have been effected by sexual abuse and spent time working in the domestic violence space running programmes for men who were perpetrators of violence. This experience has given me a foundation to move into the multiple leadership roles I have worked in over the years. My qualifications also reflect my journey of working with Tangata Whenua with my level 7 and level 8 qualifications specialising in Maori health.

Cera James

Operations Manager

Kia Ora,

Ko Cera James toku ingoa No Te Hapua ahau, Ko Ngati Kuri te iwi.

I live just north of Kaitaia with my husband and our 3 babies. We moved home so that we could raise our children on their whenua and to give them a connection to their home that at times people take for granted.


I have been working in the Mental Health and Addictions field for the past 18 years. I was 19 when I became a Youth Alcohol and Drug Clinician for Waitemata DHB in Auckland and I can honestly say that I still love what I do.


I have been with Ngati Kahu Social and Health Services for 2 years. My role is to support the vision and mission of our organisation and ensure that we are doing what we say we are going to do and that we are providing the best opportunities for people to make change and be positive contributors to their whanau, hapu and Iwi.

Dave Lasike

IT Comms Lead

Kia Ora,
Ko Dave Lasike toku ingoa. I was born in Auckland and raised on the North Shore. I am the eldest of ten children and am of Tongan descent. I have been married for 21 years. I completed a two year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in Victoria, Australia, and have been involved in the well being of families and individuals throughout the Asia Pacific area for over 20 years.
I have a background in IT and have worked within some talented teams that have helped shape my thinking around innovation and creativity. My role involves developing solutions for our organisation through the use of technology and services. 
I love living in the far north. I love spending time at the beach with my family. I strive to stay abreast of relevant topics that would benefit those within my surroundings and am blessed to be a part of an inspiring organisation.

Sheryl Maafu

Kaimahi Ora

Tena koe, no Ngati Kuri, Ngati Hine, Ngati Kahu oku Iwi. I was born and raised in Kaikohe until my husband and I moved to Kaitaia in 1998. We are a blended family of six children who are now adults and have twenty-four beautiful grandchildren. I love diving, fishing, netball and playing competition darts. My role here is to support whanau of all ages living with mental health and addictions. I work alongside our whanau providing a client centred approach to accomplish their goals and plans. My hope is to encourage our whanau to lead flourishing, independent and thriving lives within our community. 

Sonja Holloway

Kaimahi Ora

Ko Maungataniwha te Maunga
Ko Tokarau te Moana
Ko Aurere te Awa
Ko Mamaru te Waka
Ko Parata te Rangatira
Ko Kahutianui te Whaea Tupuna
Ko Ngati Tara te Hapu
Ko Ngati Kahu te Iwi
Ko Parapara te Marae
Ko Victor raua ko Caroline oku Matua
Ko Sonja Holloway toku ingoa
I grew up in Auckland and moved back home with my parents when I was a teen. I have 4 beautiful children and I am privileged to be living in Muriwhenua and working with my own people. I have a personal passion for working within mental health and addictions. I became a social worker in 2018 and I love working with whanau. It is truly humbling to watch whanau achieve their goals and witness empowerment. I feel so grateful to be able to walk alongside whanau on their journeys. I love being a Kaimahi Ora at Ngati Kahu Social and Health Services and am thankful to be a part of such an awesome team.

Stuart Mathews

Kaimahi Ora

Ko Ruanui te Tangata

Ko Mamari te Waka

Ko Awaroa te Awa

Ko Rangiputa te Maunga

Ko Te Kotahitanga me Te Rarawa oku marae

Ko Ngati Haua te Hapu

Ko Te Rarawa te iwi

Ti hei wa mauri ora

Ko Stuart Mathews Toku ingoa

Ko Mane Toku Matua 

Ko Ella Toku Whaea

I was born in Auckland grew up on the north shore, Glenfield

I am the oldest of five siblings and the only son

I have been working since the age of 15 in a number of various jobs and have enjoyed all of them 


Today I am proud to say I work for Ngati Kahu Social and health services as a whanau ora worker

My role is to support Tangata Whaiora and their whanau with services within our organisation or outside the organisation, my aim is to support Tangata Whaiora spiritually physically and mentally primarily to become more independent.

No Reira 

Tena koutou

Tena koutou 

Tena tatou katoa 

Denise Witana

Kaimahi Ora

Ko Puheke te Maunga

Ko Karikari te Moana

Ko Mamaru te Waka

Ko Te Parata te Tangata

Ko Kahuteanui te Tangata wahine

Ko Haititaimarangai te Marae

Ko Te Whanau Moana o Rorohuri te hapu

Ko Ngati Kahu te Iwi.


After spending a majority of my life in the Waikato/Maniapoto area, my husband and I relocated back to the Far North 2016-2017.   When I returned home to Whatuwhiwhi (where my parents were living), I wanted to stay true to myself, as during my Social Work degree studies I had applied for a scholarship and wrote about wanting to return home to assist my own whanau, hapu and Iwi.  I therefore applied, and was successful in securing mahi at Ngati Kahu Social and Health Services.  However, during my first 3 months, it came to my attention that one of my own whanau were in need, therefore took time away to assist them with some mental-wellbeing challenges and ongoing medical issues they’d been struggling with for over 30 years.  It took around 4 months to get my whanau to a place/space of well-being, therefore, returned to work within the community with Ngati Kahu Social and Health Services.


I am currently working under the umbrella of Whanau Ora, within a number of areas e.g. Kaimahi Kura (or Social Worker in Schools), Community Social Work (CSW), Waematarahi, Oranga Tangata, and more recently Youth Services.  I particularly enjoy working alongside tamariki in school, and meeting and navigating whanau through any challenges should they need support.


I am happy to be home, and blessed to be a part of a dynamic team/organisation.

Trey Henry

Kaimahi Ora

I was born in Massey West Auckland, where I spent most of my younger days growing up. At the age of 18 I moved to the far north back to my papakainga in Kenana. Back in 2017 I was on a job seekers benefit, not doing much.

I then took part in a work ready program facilitated by Ngati kahu Social & Health Services, while on this program I managed to become drug free and found my passion in working with my people. A year after graduating the program I managed to get an internship with NKSHS which lasted for 8 months, after my internship I was able to secure a scholarship with Te Rau Ora which supports my ambitions to work in the addictions sector.  I am now employed to help facilitate the program I once graduated.

Sandi Macpherson

Kaimahi Ora

Ko Kurahaupo te Waka

Ko Maungataniwha te Maunga

Ko Rangiunu te Moana

Ko Awanui te Awa

Ko Waimanoni te Marae

Ko Ngaitakoto te Iwi

Ko Sandi Macpherson toku ingoa


My role is Kaimahi Kura, I am passionate about working in my own community. I enjoy working alongside children and whanau so they are able to reach their goals and wishes. I chose to work at Ngati Kahu Social and Health Services as their values fit with the values I was raised with re. Through this role I am able to guided children and whanau see their own solutions to the barriers they are facing.

Outside of work I am spending time with horses, My daughter competes in equestrian events all around northland.

Anahera Tripp

Kaimahi Ora

Ko Maria rāua ko Howard ōkū mātua

Ko Anahera Tripp ahau 


Ki te taha o tōkū māmā 

Ko ngā uri ō Ngāi Tūpoto, Ngāi Tū me Ngāti Tamatea

Nō Motukaraka ia 


Ki te taha o tōkū Papa

Nō Lami, Whītī ia


He kaimahi kura ahau mō Ngāti Kahu Social and Health Services

I’m a graduate of Poutuarongo Toiora Whānau through Te Wānanga o Raukawa.

Sasha Saies

Kaimahi Ora

Te Rarawa te iwi

Ngati Manawa te hapu

Panguru te maunga

Ngatokimatawhaorua te waka

Hokianga-nui-a-Kupe te moana

Ngati Manawa te marae

Ko Sasha Saies ahau

Ko kai mahi whanau ora toku mahi


I have a back ground in the finance & insurance, working in the finance sector for 13 years. In 2015 I made the decision to focus more on our community & began facilitating youth programs. At that point I found my passion, which is helping people within our community.


In January 2019 I started with Ngati Kahu and am now working towards my Level 4 Certificate in Mental Health and Addictions. I have enjoyed working within such a caring and experienced team.


Outside of mahi, I am studying towards a BA in psychology. Most of all, I enjoy spending time with my husband & tamariki, sharing some of what the far north has to offer…fishing, beaches, lakes and kai moana.

Bert Henry

Kaimahi Ora

I was born and raised in Auckland within a loving whanau. I grew up knowing Waimanoni/Ngaitakoto as home/heart! Now, I acknowledge Ngati Kahu; Ngati Kuri; Te Aupouri Te Rarawa, Te Paatu within me! I acknowledge mum’s whakapapa, Tainui, Ngati Tiipa te hapu. I’m fortunate enough to support; awhi; maanaki whanau in Te Hiku o Te Ika! Always learning from whanau and the strengths held from within.

I’m a Kaimahi ora! Kai tau te rangiimarie

Kayla Brown-Hunt

Kaimahi Ora

Ko Puheke te Maunga

Ko Karikari te Moana

Ko Mamaru te Waka

Ko Te Parata te Tangata

Ko Kahuteanui te Tangata wahine

Ko Haititaimarangai te Marae

Ko Te Whanau Moana o Rorohuri te hapu

Ko Ngati Kahu te Iwi.


Kia Ora my name is Kayla and I am currently the lead facilitator of Oranga Tangata working alongside rangatahi within our community who are aged between 18-24years.


I was born and raised in Kaitaia, I spent 12 years in Australia and made the decision to return home in February 2014. My reason for moving home was to study mental health and addictions in the hopes of returning to Australia with my qualifications and be able to support our whanau in Australia. In May of 2014 I was fortunate enough secure mahi with Ngati Kahu Social and Health Services as a whanau ora worker working alongside our vulnerable and at risk whanau within our community. I have 3 beautiful tamariki and feel blessed that I am able to raise them in a rohe where they have such strong connections to through their whakapapa to Ngati Kahu and Te Rarawa. I Love living life in the Far North and only being 10mintues from the beach, wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.


In 2013 I lost my youngest sister to suicide, she was just 16years old. It was at this point I wanted to work alongside Rangatahi to try and be a positive influence and someone who could support our Rangatahi with realizing their worth and support them to achieve their dreams. I feel privileged to be able to work for my iwi and to be able to be in a role that allows me to work alongside Rangatahi to discover who they are, where they come from and where they want to be in life. 




Level 4 certificate in Mental Health and Addictions

Level 4 certificate in Youth Work

Level 6 Diploma in Youth Development

Maakinihi Lewer

Kaimahi Ora

Ko Maunga Taniwha te maunga

Ko Mamaru te waka

Ko Tokerau te moana

Ko Oruru te awa

Ko Parata te rangataria

Ko Kahutianui te whaea

Ko Te Poho o Ngati Kahu te whare tupuna

Ko Kauhanga te marae

Ko Te Paatu te hapu

Ko Ngati Kahu te iwi

Tōna whakatauki, “Oruru karanga pa tahataha”

Ko Te Waiora rāua ko Ngarui āku tamahine

Ko Maakinihi Lewer tōku ingoa


I was born and raised in Kaitaia, where I attended kōhanga reo and kura kaupapa at Te Rangi Aniwaniwa. I lived in Australia for six years and made the move back to Aotearoa in 2018. Before moving back to Kaitaia I lived in Auckland where I studied a Certificate in Health Promotion and worked at a Māori youth organisation that helped support rangatahi to strive towards their dreams and unlocking their true potential. It was there I found my passion working with youth. I am very fortunate to be living back here in Kaitaia with my tamariki and working for my iwi in a role that I am passionate about. I look forward to helping our young people here in Te Tai Tokerau as they discover their way through life to knowing who they are and where they come from.

Jolene Rupapera

Kaimahi Ora

Kei aku nui, kei aku rahi, kei aku whakatamarahi ki te rangi, tena tatou katoa.


Ko Puheke te Maunga

Ko Tokerau te Moana

Ko Haititaimarangai te Tupuna Whare

Ko Te Hunga Tapu Katoa te Whare Karakia

Ko Mamaru te Waka

Ko Parata te Tangata

Ko Kahutianui te Tupuna Whaea

Ko Te Whanau Moana me Te Rorohuri nga Hapu

Ko Ngati Kahu te Iwi


Kia ora My name is Jolene Rupapera and I am excited to have a position as one of the Youth Coaches working alongside young parents aged 16-20 years, supporting and engaging them into education, budgeting and parenting programmes.


I whakapapa to Ngati Kahu, Te Rarawa and Te Uri O Tai I am extremely passionate about Te Reo Maori and Tikanga as I was fortunate to attend Kohanga Reo, Kura Kaupapa Maori and Wharekura throughout my life. Moving back home 8 years ago was the best thing I could have done. Not only for myself and my partner but for our tamariki. “There’s no place like home”. As a family we love the lifestyle of the Far North, communities and the many whanau that make it special.


I have a loving and very supportive fiancé with three beautiful super energetic daughters that keep us both on our toes. I am a very whanau orientated person that enjoys spending time helping out where ever I can.

In my own time I enjoy exploring all things outdoor especially fishing and spending quality time with my whanau. I look forward to learning and growing within my role and in the organisation.


No reira, tena koutou katoa

Pio Iosefo

Kaimahi Ora

Kia ora Koutou,

Ko Pio Iosefo toku ingoa

I was born in American Samoa. My mothers family are from Manono, little island in between the two main islands of Samoa.


I've been in NZ since the age of two. Based in and around South Auckland practically all my life till I moved to Kaitaia 11 years ago.

I had an interrupted education where i didnt get past year 11(5th Form) due to expulsion from poor choices. 

My first job out of school was a bouncer at the age of 16 for a pub in Manurewa. I went on to make poor decisions throughout my teenage years which included living on the streets over four years, crime, drugs, alcohol, violence and the rest of it.


With the help of my faith and family, I have overcome alot, and have learnt alot of life lessons throughout my journey which has now led me to Ngati Kahu with an opportunity to share my story of RESILIENCE  to help impact positive change into the lives of our rangatahi and community. 

Whetu Rutene

Kaimahi Ora

Herea Nga Whatu kia kore ai e whiwhi


Ko Puwheke te maunga

Ko Tokerau te moana 

Ko Haititaimarangai te marae

Ko Mamaru te waka

Ko Parata te tangata

Ko Kahutianui te whaea

Ko te Whanau Moana, ko Te Rorohuri Nga Hapu

Ko Ngatikahu te iwi


Kia Ora My Name is Wheturangi Rutene

I have had the privilege to grow up, and now live in Whatuwhiwhi with my wife and four children.

I am fortunate to have a role with Ngatikahu – Kaimahi Rangatahi.

I hope to use my skills, experiences and knowledge to encourage our Taiohi to discover their Potential to contribute positively to their Whanau, Hapu, Iwi and their extended communities.

Bonnie Cook

Kaimahi Ora

Ko Wharemaru toku tangata

Ko Tahirirangi toku waka

Tu tonu te maunga o Wharekapea

Ko Ngarui o te marangi toku one

Ko Waiparera toku awa

Ko Waikaramu toku roto

Ko Te Urunga o Kaimaumau te Kainga

Tu Ana te Marae o Wharemaru

Ko Puketaurete raua ko Hakea nga Pou

E rere ana te Moana o Rangaunu

Ko Wharemaru toku hapu

Ko Ngai Takato toku iwi

Ko Bonnie Cook toku ingoa


Kia ora, being raised in Kaitaia I have a connection and dedication to our Community which I hope to serve to the best of my ability, as my whakapapa dictates I am a child of this whenua and therefore understand the beauty of not only the places, but also our people.

My experience in the Social Work field is from a whanaungatanga perspective, treating others as I would expect to be treated, and applying my matauranga with the intent of manaaki.

I uphold a strengths based approach to working with whanau, as whanau have their own solutions and I am a mere guide to enable this process, enabling better outcomes for Whanau, Hapu and Iwi.

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